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Mr. Monk Gets On Board

Aboard a cruise ship, Monk and Natalie investigate the death of the only person who was making the voyage bearable.

by Hy Conrad   
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A cruise ship murder puts the "sea" in OCD

Hy Conrad, who wrote for all eight seasons of TV’s Monk, takes over the novel series with this tale of murder at sea. When Natalie completes her P.I. license—and technically becomes Adrian Monk’s boss—it’s not easy for Monk to accept. Nor can he accept Natalie attending a business seminar at sea without him, even if it means spending a week on a cruise ship. Between choppy waters and obnoxious kids, Monk finds himself in a perfect storm of anxiety. Luckily, Mariah, the cruise director, smoothes things over…until the crew fishes Mariah’s dead body out of the water. The ship’s doctor declares her death an accident, but Monk isn’t convinced. He knows that Mariah and the captain were having an affair. Did someone push her overboard?


With this novel, Hy Conrad takes over the long-running series from Lee Goldberg. But never fear: Even the change-averse Adrian Monk would have to admit that Hy's Monk credentials are an open-and-shut case. If you'd like to prepare for Mr. Monk Gets on Board by re-watching the episodes Hy wrote for the Monk TV series, we suggest starting with these Edgar Allan Poe-award nominated episodes: "Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation" (2003), "Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf" (2005) and "Mr. Monk Gets a New Shrink" (2007). Welcome, Mr. Conrad!


“A highly entertaining series.... I get a big kick out of the Monk novels.”—Mystery Scene

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